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GM: Magic User, Floyd & Magic
Volunteer to be a hare, email:
magicjp at cox dot net

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Foothill Hash House Harriers
Last update December 3, 2017

The Foothill H3 is a monthly "No Frills" hash which means bring your own beer, wine, munchies, folding chair & everything. There is no run fee. Trails favor shiggy and single track trails in the hills and can be set anywhere in Southern California at the hares choice.

Hares, at their option, are GM's and RA's of the month and can run the hash pretty much what ever way they want.... or not at all.
Magic Needs You! Sign up to be a hare now!
magicjp at cox dot net

For the current months date, time and information, go to the SoCalif Hash Calendar and click on Foothill H3 or go to the Foothill H3 on Facebook. Turkey trails are walker friendly and typically 2-4 miles with Eagles more challenging and 1-2 miles longer. Plan to arrive a half hour early for chair time and the tapping of the pretzel barrel. At the ON-IN, plop down in your folding chair, uncork your wine or drink of choice, have one of Magics famous brownies and get ready for down downs. Most runs are held on a Sunday afternoon, but then there are no rules.

First Foothill Hash
First Foothill Hash - Upland CA August 25, 1991 founded by Dog Boner and Deep Stroke. The intent was to bring hashing to the east San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire past the boundries of the LA, OC and LB hashes and attract members of the Foothill Flyers and Team Pacific Coast Running clubs to join in the fun.
L to R: Just Vicki, don't Look Back, Baja Bugger, See More Buns, Enos, V8, SID, Designer Dick, One Track, Walking Small, Mustang Sally (below Small), Fast Lady, Moon Pussy, RTD, Dry Hairy Thing, Dog Boner, Mongo Gully, Screw Cap, Deep Stroke, Hash Harlot, Mooner, Hozer, ?male and Dr. Mikey laying down on the ground relaxing with a beer and porn magazine he claims he found there.

Return to the Roots Foothill Hash
Return to the Roots hash after 15 years.

Back Row L to R: Pollywood, Mud Stud, Dr. Hole, On Your Knees Bitch, One Track with his daughter Melissa, Ben Herrpees, ZZ Topknot,
    Big Boobs, One Nut, Black & Blood, Phone Home
Middle row: See More Buns, Butter Buns, First To Go Down, Kil O'Twat, Achey Breaky Fart, Bun Huggers, V8, Quick Change,
    Shit, Bull, Finger In The Dyke, Won't Let Him Cum, Near Beer, Hare Ass, Little Dutch Boy
Squatters: Magic, Floyd the Bruin, Just Carolyn, Gang Banger, Deep Stroke, Hash Harlot, Dr. Mikey, Little Dipper, Crutch,
    Spankee Yankee, Magic User.

20 Year Foothill Hash

20 Year Foothill Hash

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