Foothill Flyers Radio Club - KN6CZM
Last update July 19, 2019

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The application for a special club ham license call is in process wth the FCC. The application for W6FHF, K6FHF or N6FHF vanity call will better identify the club. We should know which one we get about the end of July.

Who We Are: The Foothill Flyers Radio Club is a club within the Foothill Flyers Running Club. This club will encourage trail runners to get their ham licenses, help them to become familiar with Ham radios and procedures, and to volunteer at trail races and related events. Emergency Communications and runner safety is the primary focus.

Purpose: Amateur Radio can play a critical part in trail runner safety in remote areas where cell phones do not work. Therefore, it is imperative that sweeps and aid stations use volunteers who are capable trail runners as well as being licensed hams. Carrying a ham radio with you on training runs in the mountains can make the difference in getting help if you are injured. Ham radio is the first line of communications in times of disasters like earthquakes.

Membership: Membership is limited to licensed Radio Amateurs who are current members of the Foothill Flyers Running Club.
There are no dues and members may opt in or out at any time.

Club Directors:
Richard Besocke, KI6ZKM, Callsign Trustee
Tom O’Hara, W6ORG, President
Maria Vangilder, KG6REG, Vice President
Brian Cravens, KM6PSV, Secretary/Treasurer
Mary Ann O'Hara, WB6YSS, Director

Daiya Cunnane, KN6CSW
Mary Plazony, KN6BPY
Brett Terrell, KM6VQB
Dan Stein, KE6OOF
Lori Stein, KJ6RYD
Mary Knudson, KN6BPK
Dave Hokanson, KM6WBG
Bill Dickey, KC6EQP
Gary Hilliard, KI6OJB

ClubConstitution & Bylaws established June 19, 2019

Ham radio set up at the Angeles National Forest 50K/60K trail race Clear Creek aid station.
Mary Knudson, KN6BPK exchanges runner status with net control at the Mt. Wilson start finish line. Mary Plazony, KN6BPY verifies on the list that all the runners through the aid station are accounted for. Tom O'Hara, W6ORG talks to the sweeps, and adjacent aid stations.

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