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Wednesday Night Fun Runs
Foothill Flyers Running Club
Last update October 11, 2018

All "runs" - means you can run, jog or walk - unless otherwise specified in the Club Run Calendar or last Wednesday of April through September trail runs, start from the north/east corner of the REI store parking lot at 214 N. Santa Anita Ave. in Arcadia, CA 91006. Unless otherwise noted in the monthly calendar or specific run info below, runners arrive at 6:00 to schmooze and take off at 6:15pm. Check the Club Run Calendar for run and restaurant for each Wednesday night. Click on the map on right to bring up a full Google map.

Run routes are designed with different distances for fast runners or walkers to finish between 1 hour to 1.5 hours in order to get cardio benefit. Armed with a route sheet and/or map you will have to work at getting lost :-) However, until you become familiar with the route, it is suggested that you keep other club members in sight at all times. Bring a flashlight and reflective clothing as well as run more defensively facing traffic during the dark months - Sunrise / Sunset

Most distances on the maps are as driven in a vehicle, bike or wheeled using a calibrated odometer, or estimated using Google Maps distance measuring with streets. Most GPS's are not accurate enough for measuring running trail distances, especially in the mountains. See the discussion on GPS accuracy. But basically, GPS position accuracy is a 5 meter radius or a little over 16 feet. Most sports GPS devices take a position reading every 1 second to calculate distance traveled. This is only 4.4 feet for a 20 min/mile walker and 8.8 feet for a 10 min/mile runner. Each data point can then have up to 200% error. Only those devices that you can change the data point times to 10 seconds or more will be reasonably accurate in open areas where multiple satellites are tracked and not so adversely blocked by trees and hills.

Route Sheets can be download and printed for each of the named Wednesday night runs listing the number of blocks to the next street turn. This format is the similar to bicycle route sheets. Until you get familiar with the routes, print out the map and route sheet and take with you on the run.

Wednesday Night Fun Run Maps:
        Click on the run names below for map and info.

Arboretum Loop - Flat 3.4 to 6.8 miles.
        Long, Medium, Short and Walkers.
        Count the peacocks.

Bruckners Backyard Loop - Flat 4 to 6.25 miles - Route sheet.
        Horse trail return April to September months only.
        Alternative on a pizza night Brewsky Bruckners Run.

Hillcrest - Hilly 4.2 to 7.3 miles - Route sheet.
        New optional routes including Todors Extra Credit hill loop,
        Tanya's less traffic return and Walkers Alternate.

Mary's Market - Hilly 4.0 to 7.1 miles..
        Walker, Runner, Climb and Chuck's Extra Credit routes
        or Mountain Trail.
        If Wednesday falls on Oct. 31st we do the Mountain Trail Pumpkin Patch.
        Detail through Sierra Vista Park with Secret Passage.

Singing Wood - Moderate rise 4.1 to 7.1 miles - Route sheet.
        See the most expensive homes in Arcadia.

Yoshi's Run - Hilly 4.4 to 6.0 miles.
        Every 2nd Wednesday, meeting follows at 7:30pm.
        Best aid station anywhere.
        Walkers off at 6:00pm, depart aid station at 6:50pm to make the meeting.

Special Club Events:

A Snail's Pace - has loops from the running shop at 750 S. Myrtle Ave (NE corner with Walnut) Monrovia:
       Pub Run - Trucker Tuesday Run - Hug-A-Huggins Run
        These runs are substituted for a regular Wednesday night run when they invite us for a special event.

Turkey Burner run - After Thanksgiving come out on Friday morning, work some calories off run/walk/ride up the West Fork of the San Gabriel River in Azusa Canyon. Out and back on paved no vehicle road next to a stream. Gentle rise to the 6 mile marker then 400 ft climb to Cogswell Dam.
When the West Fork is closed due to fire or other, the East Fork is the alternate. This area has the Bridge to Nowhere and the Road to Nowhere.

Dietrich's Christmas Lights run in Hastings Ranch. Bill and Stella Dietrich started this sight seeing run in 1981 and the club has been doing it ever since on the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday in December. Arrive at 6:00pm, ready to run at 6:15pm. Wear Santa hats, antlers, lights, or costume on the run if you like. The club's Christmas party follows the run at 7:30pm.

Clamshell Truck Trail run - 8am, December 24th, Christmas Eve Morning - a club tradtion since 1982. Nice scenic out and back 8 mile round trip on a dirt road trail in the hills above Monrovia. Brunch after at the Nano Cafe in Sierra Madre at 11am.

Rose Parade Float run - Park on San Rafael Ave and walk up to the west end of the Colorado Blvd (Suicide) Bridge ready to go at 6:00 AM the morning of the Rose Parade in Pasadena. Walk or jog the route then meet back on the bridge to watch the flyover at 8 AM. Breakfast after at the Nano Cafe in Sierra Madre.

Run With Us - Up to 6 mile round trip out and back from the running store at 235 N. Lake Ave in Pasadena. This run is substituted for a regular Wednesday night run when they invite us for a special event.

Cool Breeze Bike Ride, 50K / 100K and more, 3rd Saturday in August, Ventura CA. Easy ride along the coast toward Santa Barbara. Great food aid stations and popsicles.

Ride for the Buns Bike Rides, Balboa (36.6 miles), Seal Beach (48 or 61 miles) with a cinnamon bun factory turn around.

Mountain Trail Maps:

On the last Wednesday of the months of April through September, the club runs the trails in the local mountains and each brings a picnic dinner for after. Occasionally, road closures due to slides or high fire danger have made us use alternate locations out of sequence. The locations will be announced in the monthly newsletter and by the weekly email. Those who do not know these trails or have not run trails before, need to run with those that have for safety. Good trail running shoes or street shoes with a good ground gripping tread are a must. Carrying a single water bottle pack and flash light are suggested. Also it is a good idea to carry a FRS walkie talkie on channel 6.0 in case you or some one near you gets lost or injured.
Are you a real Trail Runner? Take this test.

Bailey Canyon Trail in Sierra Madre, out til 7:10 PM or til you reach the ruins at 2.2 miles up then turn around and come back down. Faster runners might reach Jones Peak at 3.3 miles for a great view.

Brown Mountain Loops - from the end of Altadena Dr. in Altadena you can access trails that use the Arroyo by JPL as the starting point.

Eaton Canyon Falls - from the Eaton Canyon Nature Center - run/hike to the falls, just under 2 miles. After the initial stream crossing at the start, follow the trail on the east side of the stream. Just after the bridge, there will be 10 stream crossings in a half mile to the falls. Bring a change of shoes. An alternative is to go up to Henninger Flat with only one stream crossing at the start - see maps

Echo Mountain and the cable car ruins - The trail head is at the top of Lake Ave in Altadena. Check out the photo's at the top of what the cable car, hotel, zoo, observatory, etc., looked like about 80 years ago. Round trip is about 5.5 miles.

Henninger Flat - from the Eaton Canyon Nature Center - run/hike to the Flats, just under 3 miles. After the initial stream crossing at the start, follow the trail on the east side of the stream. About .4 miles up the canyon, turn right at the sign,

Hoegee's Loop - Starting from Chantry Flat, the just under 6 mile loop goes clockwise (all right turns at every trail junction) out the Upper Winter Creek trail to Hoegee's Camp and back via the Lower Winter Creek trail.

Microwave Site out and back from the Chantry Flats upper parking lot. Bring a flashlight for the return depending on sunset.. The gate at the top of Santa Anita is locked by the Sierra Madre PD at 8PM, so leave the parking lot in a group with some one that has a key.

Monrovia Falls out and back from Grand Ave Park to the falls in Monrovia Canyon Park is 5.4 miles via the Bill Cull Trail. Shorter via picking up the falls trail from the Picnic parking lot, or doing the Overlook Trail - see map detail.

Mount Wilson Trail in Sierra Madre. Most go to First Water and then back. Get a preview of the the Mt. Wilson Trail Race. There is a new bypass trail around the Slide Switchbacks you can take just after Rescue Ridge.

Sturtevant Falls run from Chantry Flat, it is a keyhole out and back of about 5 miles going out on the Lower trail and comming back on the upper trail from the Fern Lodge Junction. Walkers can go 3 miles round trip to the base of the falls.

Other trail maps in the local area:

7th Ave Trail -This trail in Hacienda Heights is a good alternative to Chantry Flat if Chantry is closed due to high fire danger or road closings. The 2.5 mile run is a loop that goes up to the Skyline/Schabarum trail and back with a 660ft altitude gain and can be extended either direction on top on the old Skyline Trail which goes from the 605 to the 57. It is a good training area for those doing the Catalina Marathon or Avalon 50M/50K. The Skyline trail basically follows the Edison high tension power lines across the top of the Puente Hills - see maps and info. Trails are open from 9am to 5pm.

Arroyo Seco Trails - Popular, relatively flat urban trail system on the west side of Pasadena.

Bonelli Park Trails - This 2000 acre LA County park surrounding Puddingstone Reservour in San Dimas has miles of single track trails.

Cherry and Flint Canyon Trails - A complex of trails just south of the 210 and east of the 2 in La Canada - Flintridge.

Dawn Mine Loop - A 10 mile round trip trail run to an old gold mine in the mountains above Altadena. It is an adventure back in to the history of 100 years ago.

Glendora South Hills Park - This close by and easy access Park has an interesting maze of single track trails right next to the 210 Freeway.

Griffith Park Hozers Loop - Good hilly long training run for marathon or ultra with 4 water stops. Plenty of cross trails to make it shorter or longer. There is a 3.5 mile tour of Hozer's Benches you can take from the Bird Sancturary.

Hastings Peak Loop - Tough 11.7 mile loop from Bailey Canyon Park in Sierra Madre to the Mt. Wilson Toll Road and back down Mt. Wilson Trail from Manzantia Ridge. Or add a scenic 2 mile out and back to the Bailey Canyon run.

Millard Loop - 6.6 mile loop from the west end of Altadena Dr going up the Altadena Crest Trail from Loma Alta Park to Millard Campground. Then along the Lower Brown Mountain road to take the El Prieto trail down to the Gabrielino Trail and back to the end of Altadena Dr.

Monrovia Canyon - A 7 to 9.5 mile round trip, 2000ft rise trail run to see the Deer Park Lodge ruins and the historic Ben Overturff trail.

Mt. Baden-Powell - Nice trail and part of the AC100 course from Vincent Gap up and back or continue on to Islip Saddle.

Mt. Lowe Trail - 16 mile round trip from the top of Lake St. in Pasadena via the Sam Merrill trail going up the East Mt. Lowe trail to the top and coming down the West trail. An alternative is to go to the Mueller Tunnel before turning around.

Mt. Wilson Loop - 14 mile loop from Chantry Flat.

Mt. Zion Loop - This is a beautiful 9 mile loop on trails from Chantry Flat. It was an annual club event on New Years Eve morning from 1995 to 2017 and was retired with the passing of Hozer Gilmore who created it.

Rubio Canyon Trail - A short hike to see the ruins of the bottom station of the Incline Railway to Echo Mountain plus some water falls.

Silver Mocassin Trail -Out from Shortcut Saddle on Hwy 2 to Newcomb's Ranch and back - about 13 miles round trip - in the upper San Gabriel Mountains behind Mt. Wilson. Part of the AC100 course.

Strawberry Peak Loop - This is a great 10 or 15 mile trail run in the high mountains above La Canada and is the middle section of the Mt. Disappointment 50K.

Verdugo Hills - Start from 4 locations in the Glendale/Burbank area. All are dirt jeep roads. Carry water, there is none on top.

Dan's Hiking Pages - Long list of hikes in the San Gabriels.

Road Trips

Half Dome - 6 hour drive to Yosemite Valley to hike/jog a section of the John Muir trail with spactacular waterfalls and vistas of the Sierras. The final 425 ft of climb up to the top of Half Dome is aided by a set of cables.

Mt. Whitney Main Trail - A 4 hr drive to one of those challenging mountain hikes that most want to try at least once to the highest spot in the contiguous USA - 14,498 ft.


These restaurants are rotated each week for variety. Plan to arrive at the restaurant by 8:00 PM after the Wednesday night runs. The restaurants were chosen by Brenda Thomason and those who regularly go to dinner with the club. Each restaurant agrees to give us separate checks and preferably not impose a group tip. We also ask that food and drink be served soon after each individual orders rather than wait for all to arrive, etc. Preferably, the restaurant serves beer and wine and has a moderately priced menu.

Steer & Ale - 3644 E Foothill Blvd Pasadena 796-2278 - family restaurant with a wide variety menu

Numero Uno Pizza - 3562 E Foothill Blvd Pasadena 91107, 626- 577-1723 - menu

Mt. Lowe Brewing Co. - 150 E Joseph St, Arcadia - 244-7593 - Food Truck.

Nano Cafe - 322 W Sierra Madre, Sierra Madre – 325-3334 - menus.

Orchid Thai Cuisine - 1311 S Baldwin, Arcadia - 821-2099 - menu

Los Gueros Mexican Restaurant - 313 W. Huntington Dr., Monrovia 358-0200 - menu

Pizza Tailgate Dinner - held in the REI parking lot on the 3rd Wednesdays after the run in the months of April through October. Pizza is provided free to club members only, $5 for guests and non-members. If a guest becomes a member during that year, they can deduct the $5 from the $25 membership. Where else can you get 7 pizza nights for $25? Bring your folding chairs and your own drinks.
We have our pizza delivered by Monrovia Pizza Co. 503 W. Duarte Rd. Monrovia CA 91016, 626-357-9050.

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