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Arcadia California
Last update May 7, 2020

Wednesday night fun runs from REI are cancelled during the Coronavirus event.
Los Angeles County Trails will open Friday May 8,
however masks and social distancing will apply.

Meet with us most Wednesday nights at 6 PM - see the calendar - in the REI parking lot,
214 N. Santa Anita Ave, Arcadia (cross street Santa Clara) - map
Next to the Arcadia Metro Gold line train station.
See the Run Routes and Maps and Race Reviews pages.
Please follow us on Instagram: @foothillflyersrunningclub and Facebook

The Foothill Flyers Running Club is a friendly and free association of nonsmoking adults in the San Gabriel Valley section of Greater Los Angeles, California, whose purpose is to encourage and help members to achieve their personal running goals. Members may participate or not as they see fit in a variety of running or running related activities that any of the members bring up to the attention of the group. This way, club members acquaint and inform each other with new facets of running or training tips that one may not know about but might find interesting to try or to use to improve their ability. We also try to have fun doing it too.

We welcome and encourage all levels from recreational walkers to serious racers. As a club member you participate at your own risk; the activities listed by members in the newsletter, web site, email or in person are for information only, and not in any way a club endorsement, so please be careful and run responsibly at your own pace and ability as well as picking and choosing what you want to participate in. Discuss activities with other members who have been there and done that. We rotate the Wednesday night run routes and each has shortcuts for those with slower pace - routes are designed to be out for an hour and 15 minutes. Scroll down for more info and see the calendar and Run Routes and Maps pages.

The clubs history began in 1979 with Bill and Sandy Johnson who were owners of the Loeschorns Running Store in Arcadia. Over the years as host stores came and went, the club carried on in Arcadia with membership varying between 50 and 200 people.

Wednesday Night Fun Runs - The club meets at 6 PM at REI, corner of Santa Anita and Santa Clara in Arcadia and then goes to dinner at 8 PM. You are welcome to try us out by just showing up at 6:00 PM in the northeast corner of the REI parking lot on any Wednesday night be you walker, jogger or runner. Unless otherwise specified in the newsletter, runners off at 6:15pm. Currently 25 to 50 members typically show up on any given Wednesday evening. 5 different 4 to 7 mile routes and restaurants are rotated and announced in the calendar page of the newsletter and by email. The 2nd Wednesday of the month is meeting night where a short business meeting open to all members is held after the run at 7:30PM. Traditionally members wear their recent race shirt and medals at the meeting for show and tell. Rain can cancel the run but we still meet at REI but inside and then decide at 6:15 to run or go to dinner - on a meeting night, we will decide to run or hold the meeting at 6:15pm. You might check the weather radar before you leave for the club. In the months of April through September we run trails in the local mountains on the last Wednesday. Members are into a variety of exercise events which they may bring to the attention of others on Wednesday nights and you can discuss events you might be interested in with them. For instance, Maria and Robert Vangilder's Weekend Warriors do trail runs and bike rides on the weekends, check out the web page. Simon Cooper coaches his "Invictus Running Academy" on Monday nights meeting at 6:00 PM alternating between hill repeats from Foothills Middle school - map - and track workouts at Arcadia High School - map. Contact him at 626-485-8992 for more info. See some of the links below for other groups and events.

Club members receive our monthly newsletter by postal mail or email before the 2nd Wednesday of the month. A weekly email update is also sent out. The annual dues of $25 per person is collected for the purpose of supporting the cost of the newsletter and the web site. The club year is from April 1 to March 31. Those joining after January 1 will have their membership good through the next club year. For those joining between October 1st and December 31st the dues are $10. Club members also receive a 10% discount at the Run With Us store. You also get a 10% discount at the A Snail's Pace Monrovia store - Map.

If you have any questions, it's best just to show up on Wednesday night at 6:00 PM in the NE corner of the REI parking lot and talk with the group. You can also contact Tom, The Web Guy, with questions about the club or comments on this web site - webmaster at FoothillFlyers dot org

Run With Us Running Store located at 235 N. Lake Ave in Pasadena - map. Foothill Flyers members, receive a 10% discount at the store. You can also buy Foothill Flyers Club shirts there. They have a great selection of running shoes and apparel. Peter, the store owner, is very knowledgeable when it comes to selecting the right running shoe for you. Every Monday at 6:00PM they hold a free run from the store - 4 or 6 mile run or a 3 mile walk. Snacks and drinks are provided, chances to win prizes, and meet members of the Run With Us Race Team. Occasionally there are representatives from well known running companies who put on demos of the latest running shoes and gear. They have a Sunday Trail Run/Walk starting at 7am every week rotating between 4 different local mountain trails.

A Snail's Pace Running Store - 750 S. Myrtle Ave, Monrovia - Map. Club members receive a 10% discount. They have a Tuesday night fun run starting at 6:00pm from their store and a Pub run with a free beer after the 4th Tuesday of the months run. Wednesday mornings at 6am they have a trail run in Monrovia Canyon. A few times a year they host one of our Wednesday night runs from the store featuring a running shoe manufacturer who brings the latest models for us to try out and then free pizza after.

Other running and related clubs in the area
    Ham Radio
    Foothill Flyers Radio Club is a club within the club whose purpose is to support runner safety at trail races with ham radio comunications.

    Pasadena Pacers Running Club. Meets 7AM Saturday morinings at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center parking lot. Good 10 week beginners program. Dr. Steve Smith is a chiropractor, runner and founder of the Pasadena Pacers.
    Los Feliz Flyers Running Club - Runs Tuesdays, 6:00 PM in Griffith Park.
    Glendora Ridge Runners - Runs most days of the week, see their calendar for locations.
    LA Leggers Running Club - weekend runs in Santa Monica training for the LA Marathon.
    Hash House Harriers - An irreverent international Running Club with many chapters in our area including the Foothill H3 which runs once a month on trails and was founded by members of the Foothill Flyers in 1991. Check out this article to find out what hashing is all about.
    LA Frontrunners Running Club - Thursdays, 6:30PM, Brookside Park Rose Garden.
    Ultra Ladies Running Club
    Students Run LA Some of the kid's from Bob Spears school run our special events. Check out their activities page for local races.
    Road Runners Clubs of America - over 700 clubs in the USA listed.

    swimmer Cal Tech Masters Swim Club. Good workouts and coaching.
            Perfect your stroke, train for a tri or overall low impact fitness.
            Try it once free Saturday mornings at 8:00 AM at Temple City High School.
            Membership dues $60/month.
            Schedule: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 7-8:30 PM at Cal Tech.
                            Wednesday 6:30pm-8:00pm and Saturday 8-9:30am at Temple City High.

    Lap Swimming
            Norman Johnson Aquatic Center (Arcadia County Pool) 405 South Santa Anita Avenue, Arcadia ((626) 821-5894).
            Mon-Fri 6-8 am and 6-9 pm (competition pool after 7pm), Sat 7-9 am.
            Cost: $15 for 5 entries or $40 for 15 entries.
            Aqua Aerobics Mon-Fri 8:30am-9:30am
    Sierra Madre pool at Sierra Vista park 611 E. Sierra Madre Blvd (626-355-2356).
            Mon-Fri 7:30am-3:00pm, Mon-Thurs 7pm-8:30pm, Sat 7am-9am, Sun 7:30am-9am & 2-4p.
            $6 per entry or $20 for 4 entries.

    Bike and Tri
    Stan's Monrovia Bike Club - is now a Meet-Up group called Ride On Cycling or ROC. No cost. Easy Sunday morning rides of about 25 miles from Monrovia to a local restaurant and back starting at 8:00 AM.
    Pasadena Athletic Association - aka PAA. Weekly road and mountain bike rides of various levels. Saturday 7am beginners Ride from Empire Bikes, 625 S. Myrtle, Monrovia.
    Foothill Cycle Club - Saturday and Sunday bike rides typ. 30 to 50 milies with route sheets, weekly 20 mile Sunday "easy" ride from Pasadena
    Orange County Rebel Riders - friendly bike club in OC that likes to ride and eat.
    Bike Map, details L.A. County's 1,252 Miles of Bikeways. You can also create your own route on the Bike Metro web site.
    Inland Inferno Triathlon Club based in San Dimas area.
    Pasadena Triathlon Club - Triathlon club and training based in Pasadena.

Other running related links and information
    Race Place - Most complete listings of races in Southern California with information and applications.
    Ultrarunning - Magazine and web site with articles and tips about trail running and events.
    Trail Runner - Magazine and web site emphasizing trail running with a large listing of events.
    Let's Do This - Large listing of all kinds of endurance events and is a membership registration service.
    Race Grader - Comprehensive race directory listing and reviews.
    Kathy Loper Events - low cost running adventures to exotic places in the world (ask Tom).
    50 States Marathon Club - work toward finishing a marathon in each of the 50 states.
    Angeles Crest 100 Mile Trail Race - Our club does the Chantry Flats Aid Station, mile 75, every year. Click here for information on trail running conditions in the Angeles National Forest
    So. Cal. Ultra Series is another good race source.
    Ultra Marathon Running - a global resource for ultras and trail running.
    Ham Radio License - Info on passing the FCC no code Technician Class license so you can use a high power walkie talkie for emergency communications at mountain trail races or natural disasters when cell phones dont work.
    Ironman Triathlon - info on Ironman quaifiers, lottery, next TV show, etc.
    Run Map. Put in your run start address, and plot your run on line to get distances. Another one is map-pedometer.

Walking - Get a spouse or friend to start excersizing by just walking. Download this article from AOL Diet & Fitness to motivate someone and have them come out and join us on Wednesday nights. It has a great 10 week program with a training goal to finish walking a 10K.

Poison Oak - Leaves of three, leave them be. We have lots of poison oak in our local mountains and stream beds. The US Forestry has a photo and good info on avoiding or treating this oily plant.

Free Podiatrist Screening - See Dr. Dan Altchuler, D.P.M. and Nancy Tinker. Dr. Dan is one of the best running podiatrists in the area if you are having any recuring aches and pains on your runs - call 310 - 451-8045 for an appointment. If you have any foot questions first check out the Sole Support web site to find out about knee pain, plantar fasciitis, IT band, shin splints and more. Although it is sponsored by an orthotic company, the basic physiological info is good. Dr. Dan says he would be glad to respond to your emails if you mention you are a member of the Foothill Flyers - dalt @

Free Sports Injury Screening by a sports orthopedist - Mondays, 4-6pm, Casa Colina Azusa Center, 910 E Alosta ave (at Citrus). Schedule appointment 626-334-8733.

Cho-Pat - knee straps that can keep your IT band and other muscles from getting inflamed from constant sideways friction during running - saves your knees.

Succeed Caps - salt and potassium replacement in the right amounts can keep you from hitting the wall in a marathon or longer. Take 1 Succeed Cap after every 2 pints of fluid during the run starting 2 hours on a hot day and 3 hours on a cool day.

Running for Weight Loss

    Many join the club as part of a weight loss program. Minimizing your caloric input is the most effective way to lose weight, however, running can burn a few more than you are used to and at the same time improve your cardio-vascular fitness. Distance runners can live as much as 2.7 years longer and have 9 additional years without disabilities compared to non-runners who excersize if you get in 200 minutes per week per a 2002 Stanford Univ. study and even more in the follow on 2008 study. Runners who run just one intense hour at an aerobic rate per week can even decrease the chance of a heart attack by 42% and walkers 18% - National Institute of Health study.

    Want to find out your fitness age and VO2 Max? Take the test. What does your VO2 Max mean? Check out this article in Trail Runner Magazine on Getting Better With Age.

    Another NIH study concluded that as long as you dont injure your knees by accident or unbalance your muscles, you will not wear out your joints from long distance running or encourage arthritis as previously believed. This artilcle has some good tips on the most common running injuries - page 1 and page 2.

    Here are some facts:

    The avarage person gains 1 pound per year after 25. That's only eating 10 more calories per day than you burn - adding just 1 mile per week of walking or running can counter that.
    To lose 1 real pound (not water weight) you must burn 3500 more calories than you eat.
    Running can burn 400-600 calories per hour. You can have your calories per hour calculated by entering your pace, age, weight and heigth into the blanks at You can also have your ideal weight and body mass index (BMI) calculated.
    Run one hour then eat 2 Krispi Kremes and you are back even or worse. Check the Original Glazed at 200 calories ea vs. the NY Cheesecake at 330 - better to choose the original and have just one, or run an extra hour or so to cover it.

    Total calories consumed per day to stay even according to the National Academy of Sciences:

          Ages 23-50     Men = 2700   Women = 2000
          Ages 51+       Men = 2400   Women = 1800

    Calculate your actual daily calories per day to stay even given your exact age, sex, height, weight and activity level per the Mayo Clinics calculator.

    If you run off or eat 500 less calories per day than the above table for your age and sex, you can loose 1 pound per week. If you over indulge at dinner on Wednesday night and eat 1000 calories too much, compensate on Thursday and Friday by eating 500 calories less each day or run 2 extra hours.
    Most are not aware of the number of calories in the foods they eat and also portions have gotten much larger. Below are the web sites of some of the more popular fast food places that give the nutritional and caloric information for their products. Some of the calorie counts may surprise you:

    Calorie King has the most complete listing.
    Mc Donalds
    Burger King
    El Pollo Loco
    Taco Bell
    Domino's Pizza
    Kentucky Fried Chicken

The domain of this page is Copyright ©2020 Tom O'Hara. All rights reserved. Webmeister contact: webmaster at FoothillFlyers dot org