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Last update May 13, 2016

Robert and Maria This Weekend Warriors is an informal running and hiking group that do the trails in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California usually on Saturday mornings. As an alternative they may also do bike rides and other special events. The group is lead by Robert and Maria Vangilder. Each run start time and location will be announced here on the Thursday evening or Friday morning before. Come 15 minutes early to prepare. Bring water, snack and optionally a FRS walkie talkie on channel 6.0. Photo album from the previous weekend events are usually here on Monday afternoon.

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    Calendar of events for Weekend Warriors


If you have a trail you would like to check out, get with Robert on a Wednesday night run and plan it out.

Run With Us has Sunday trail runs starting at 7am at 4 local mountain sites - Gabrielino rail, Cheney Trail, Sam Merrill Trail and Eaton Canyon fire road trail. Check out their calendar for the schedule.

Bike graphic
Above is Roberts AC100 trail marking crew just before taking off from the Chantry Flat aid station to mark up toward Newcomb Saddle Saturday evening August 2nd - Lori, Dan, Elsie, Robert and Juan .

Cool Breeze 2015 BIKE
Roger, Leslie and Maria in front of actor Steve Martins mail box on the Cool Breeze Bike ride course near Montecito.

The best way to train is to start with Ride On Cycling's Sunday group doing 20-25 miles and work up to the Saturday group doing 40+ miles. They both start at 8:00am so plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before that. Remember to wear your helmet have enough water and carry all the supplies needed for changing a tire.
Meet up at Stan's Monrovia Bike shop - 880 S. Myrtle - NE corner of Myltle and Chestnut Ave, 2 blocks north of Huntington Dr. - map. Park on Chestnut, not in the shop parking lot.

Temple City Bike Shop - On the first Sunday of every month the guys from the Temple City Bike Shop do an easy 25 mile ride from the Temple City Park starting at 8:00am. The address for the Temple City Park is 9751 Las Tunas Dr., Temple City, 91780 - map.

Favorite bike rides: Solvang Century - Cool Breeze - Ride for the Buns - Great Western Bicycle Rally

See some Weekend Warriors in a mattress commercial.
See some old photos of Robert in his jockey days.

See the photos from these previous runs and events:

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AC100 Chantry Flat aid station 2013 photos, ham radio and Trail Running.

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